Helius is a consulting company specializing in providing business mentoring and coaching for small businesses, with a major emphasis on Necessity-Driven Entrepreneurs (NDEs). NDEs are individuals who are unable to find traditional, living wage employment. These reasons can range from job seekers being long-time veterans, single parents with limited available hours, people with minor criminal records, or individuals from lower socio-economic backgrounds who lack the social networks needed to find well-paying jobs. These individuals create work for themselves through entrepreneurship.

The Helius Foundation's Mentorship Program provides all of the services that a small business needs in order to create a sustainable business that provides a living wage for themselves and their employees.



Help Define Your Mission

Helius will make sure you're on the right track, heading for the goals you want in the way that you want.

Develop Your Business Plan

We can help you build a solid plan that will take you from your current position to your goals.

Long-Term Coaching

We know that problems don't always arise during normal business hours. That's why Helius provides mentors when you need them most

An Instant Network

Our extensive network of entrepreneurs, financiers, professors and venture capitalists instantly become part of your team.

Financial Analysis

We can review your books and help you set up financial goals. We can even assist with grant writing and other fundraising efforts.

Grants and Short Term Loans

Through the help of generous donors and sponsors we are able to provide a small loan or grant to qualifying businesses.

North Carolina Fair Living Wage

Our services are free for any business that is earning less than the Fair Living Wage. Our purpose is to ensure all entrepreneurs have the chance to earn a living for themselves and their families. Once a client is able to earn a fair living wage for themselves, we can convert to a very affordable program that maintains the same high quality service our clients have come to expect.FairWage

We need your help

The Helius Foundation offers free, high quality business consulting to struggling entrepreneurs and NDEs so that they can earn a fair, living wage.

With your help, we can create an America where everyone has the capabilty to support themselves and their families with dignity, despite race, education, or financial upbringing.

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